Founded in 1975 Ductform Ventilation UK Ltd are a customer focused, service driven company which manufactures, distributes and installs ventilation ductwork and associated products throughout the United Kingdom. 


Our investment in the most up-to-date equipment, manufacturing resource, design/engineering expertise and installation and management capability combine to ensure the successful completion of projects regardless of size, location or specification.


Our experience is such that we have provided ventilation solutions for the oil industry, semi-conductor plants, prisons, airports and major retail and office developments.


We currently operate from a 34,000sq ft. production facility in the heart of Fife, Scotland where we service a wide range of clients stretching the UK wide.


In addition to our contracting service, we also stock a wide variety of products and consumables for resale which can be purchased off-the-shelf and collected or delivered to any chosen destination throughout the United Kingdom.


Our patented ‘tite-lite’ range of products are produced from one sheet of metal using the latest manufacturing technology and can be supplied: galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum.  This patented ‘point-to-point’ system with integral flanges dramatically reduces leakage, weight and energy, lowering our environmental impact resulting in a ‘GREENER, TIGHTER, LIGHTER product.

Ductform Ventilation (UK) Limited

17 Faraday Road, Southfield Industrial Estate




Telephone 01592 778330 - Fax 01592 778359 - sales@ductform.co.uk - www.ductform.co.uk

Registered in Scotland No - SC61780